Alder and Tweed Bryson Sofa

Alder and Tweed Bryson Sofa

Item# ATR-10207

Product Details

37"D x 96"L x 31"H
Eight feet long, and upholstered in a lovely Cosmopolitan Grey fabric, this Bryson Sofa is sure to be a winner. The wood support is birch that is finished in Warm Oak, and the end result is a lovely, oh-so-comfy-looking sofa.



Solid wood construction includes stabilizing blocked frames and hand staining to insure quality finishing and good looks. The Alder and Tweed cushions are high-density and fire retardant foam upholstered in high-quality fabric and/or one-hundred percent genuine top-grain leather. Accents such as nailheads are applied to the upholstery by hand. Metals are enhanced with specific finishings.

Shipping & Payment Terms

You may have to wait from two-to-four weeks of shipping time to receive your furniture, but keep in touch and we will do our best. Most Alder and Tweed items will be shipped by Motor Freight. Pay half down, and the balance upon shipment . . . there is no sales tax! Orders under $1500 will be charged $150 shipping fees.

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