Old Hickory Old Timber End Table

Old Hickory Old Timber End Table

Item# OH-OT201

Product Details

24"W x 24"D x 24"H; (2" thick)
The Old Hickory Old Timber End Table is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is constructed of solid, heavy pieces of reclaimed wood from old barns and structures that are in the midwest. Good looking and very rustic, it features two-inch-thick pieces of board wood with which a very simple, straightforward construction is produced. Plain and simply made, it is the wood itself that makes it so attractive. Price listed may not reflect price of the item as pictured. Made in the USA!


This Old Timber line of furniture is only available in solid timbers that have been reclaimed. The clear coat finish is standard.


Hickory and other woods used in building Old Hickory Furniture are taken from the Tennessee Valley. Reclaimed wood has become very popular for its "green" approach to construction, as well as for the wonderfully aged and rich look of the wood itself. All of these media are used in constructing Old Hickory Furniture.

Shipping & Payment Terms

If you live anywhere in the lower 48 states, shipping for Old Hickory Furniture is free! If you need to have something shipped to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska, we will obtain a quote for you as you will be required to pay shipping. When you place an order for Old Hickory Furniture, it will take about three to eight weeks to build, as it is all custom made. Payment terms are half due when the order is placed, and half upon shipment of the order.

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